1. SAMPLER – $12.95
Combination of Satay Chickens, Fried Spring Rolls, Cream Cheese Wontons, Winter Shrimp and Pot Stickers (Gyoza)served with three special sauces.

2. SATAY CHICKEN (4) – $7.95
Grilled marinated fresh chicken breast in curry, herbs and coconut milk served with peanut and cucumber sauces.

3. FRESH SPRING ROLLS – $6.25 (Add Shrimp $1.00)
Tofu, lettuce, bean sprouts, carrots, mint, and rice noodles wrapped in rice papers served with Hoisin & peanut sauce.

Cream Cheese or meat wrapped in wonton skin served with sweet and
sour sauce.

4 (A).GYOZA (Pot Stickers) – $5.95
Deep fried crispy dumpling stuffed with minced pork & vegetables.

5. FRIED SPRING ROLLS (Egg Rolls) – $5.95
Fried vegetarian rolls of cabbage, carrots, glass noodles served with
house sauce.

6. FRIED TOFU – $5.95
Deep fried tofu served with sweet chili sauce.

7. WINTER SHRIMP – $7.95
Marinated shrimp wrapped in wonton skin served with house sauce.

Shrimp or calamari deep fried served with sweet & sour sauce.

8A. TOD MUN – $8.95
(4) Fried fish cakes made with Thai herbs, chili paste, and green beans served with a light cucumber sauce.

Deep fried green bean, onion, broccoli and carrot served with sweet and sour sauce.

8C. GOLDEN BAGS (6) – $7.95
Thin wonton wrapper stuffed with shredded shrimp & chicken, onion, carrot and cream cheese. Served with a sweet & sour sauce.

8D. CRAZY SHRIMP (5) – $7.95
Merinated shrimp with fresh ginger wrapped in crispy egg noodles. Served with sweet and sour sauce.

8E. ANGEL WINGS – $9.95
Deep fried chicken wings stuffed with mixed vegetables, ground pork & shrimp, crystal noodle served with sweet and sour sauce.


Satay Chicken





Fried Spring Rolls






Tod Mun



Golden Bags

Crazy Shrimp